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About LULU LOVES Candles

LULU LOVES Candles™️ was born in 2019 after I bought an expensive candle that smelt amazing in the shop but had zero smell when lit. How annoying is that!

Friends and family had also commented on the same thing happening to them in the past.
Being the investigative person that I am, I threw myself into researching, then producing and developing my own candles and wax melts. A lit candle has to smell, right? 

It’s been a interesting journey - candle making is NOT an easy straight forward process!

I have sourced all my materials meticulously and have loved every second of the production stage, designing the packaging and logos, developing my brand.

Testing has been great fun; not only essential and hugely valuable as part of the process - friends and family have been my guinea pigs all along the way.
My husband is my chief fragrance guesser - he hasn’t got a clue which fragrance is which any more so I think he says "Rhubarb?" to each one now to be polite when I ask him his opinion. Which is a lot.

I wanted to keep my candles as close to my original vision of them from the start - letting the high scent throw be the star so no colours or sparkle required to jhzuzz them up. Making wax melts has been a lot of fun with using colour and cosmetic grade glitters - I get to really unleash my creative side with these.

I hope you enjoy LULU LOVES Candles™️ and Melts as much as I have enjoyed creating them ♥