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Using Open Box For Your Orders

What is it?

An Open Box is a convenient way for you to buy items over a period of time without paying postage until you are ready to have your items posted out to you so you can save money and help reduce your carbon footprint. 

How does it work?

Each time you place an order  you can add it to your Open Box simply by clicking the "Start/Add to Open Box" postage option at check out. This will mean you will pay for your order but not for postage. 

The items will be held and added to each time you make an Open Box order until you are ready to close your box and have it sent out to you. 

When you are ready to close your box, simply make your final purchase and select the "Close Box" postage option at the check out and you will then be charged for the final items and pay the postage charge for your entire box of goodies. Good, eh?